The sporting culture in rural areas is very limited and almost non-existent. We have found that most school in these areas do not have any proper facilities, other than an open field with two soccer poles, to encourage sports diversity, interest and participation.

ML Sports Consulting has come up with a sports development program called “Bophelong”. With this program we wish to reach out to rural communities, schools and business to help us implement and run a successful long term program. “Bophelong” will work with students from rural schools from primary levels and introduce new sports such as Netball, Basketball, Tennis, Cricket, Hockey, rugby and Athletics (track and field). We will take people from within the communities, provide them with accredited training and certification as coaches and officials, this will ensure high skills knowledge and provide jobs in the communities.

This program will also provide relevant life and social skills to help encourage the youth to make better life choices and it will help develop strong effective adults in the future.