About Us


To be active in the community by:

  • Providing affordable and accessible participation
  • Promoting all sports as healthy, safe and enjoyable
  • Understanding, embracing and valuing the differences within the sports community as a whole
  • Providing pathways, competition, challenges and opportunities at all levels of all different sporting codes


To create a new holistic concept of Sport Development in South Africa’s Rural areas with the intention of talent development, future expansion and to create a competitive culture of sport participation within the rural communities of South Africa and to offer life skills that will develop focused Adults.


  • Participation – An inviting accessible experience for everyone
  • Inclusive – Deliver across a broad section of the community to provide opportunities for all
  • Ethical – Conduct ourselves in accordance with our codes of behaviour at all times
  • Trust and integrity – Build an environment of trust through open, transparent and honest leadership
  • Fun – Promote enjoyment of different sporting codes through good sportsmanship, a welcoming environment and dynamic programs.
  • Safe – Provide a safe environment that protects and considers everyone’s physical and emotional well being
  • Healthy lifestyle – Provide the ability for all to participate and lead an active lifestyle